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Inside sales specialist

We are looking for a talented inside sales specialist to join our ambitious startup.

Part-time · Amsterdam

about mintBlue

mintBlue enables absolute data control. We empower organisations to compete and collaborate without compromise.

We offer a unique API/SDK solution to store, authenticate and monetise data.

While our use cases and market potential are practically endless, we currently focus on 3 primary sectors:

There is a clear need for a new kind of technology, built by a new kind of organisation. Right now most of the web is in the hands of a small group of powerful companies.

We are absolutely not 'crypto'. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that can change the web, while crypto is only focused on speculation and get-rich-quick schemes. We will never issue a token ourselves and want to be an authoritative, compliant cloud solution.

mintBlue started in a hackathon at the end of 2020 and today we consist of a dedicated team of 6 people, working hard to become the integrity infrastructure for an honest internet.

Are you our new inside sales specialist

about the job

As inside sales specialist you'll be in charge of all things administrative sales. This includes the implementation of small-volume lead generation tactics and assisting the sales team with the nurture and account management process.

As a startup, we rapidly iterate and adapt to our changing environment, so independent thinking and some flexibility are key to being successful in this role. However, our goal is to develop sales strategies and processes that are repeatable, even if the targets evolve and change.

We’ve worded the details of this role as very sales-orientated, but are very interested in speaking with individuals whose experience has primarily been in assisting managers to make the most of every minute, regardless of it being a sales focus.

We’d love to work with someone who has a great sense of responsibility and ownership over their work, whose goal is to increase the opportunity for our CEO and sales team to make the most of every lead.

What you’ll be doing (in a rough order of priority)

  • Account management by way of emailing and setting up meetings with active prospects, as well as attending calls and taking notes in collaboration with the sales team
  • Manage the HubSpot account by identifying and implementing best practices, efficiency gains, and keeping contact lists and sales pipelines up to date
  • Implement a repeatable sales research and briefing process for sales calls with new prospects
  • Lead generation through list creation, automation and funnelling in collaboration with executive leadership

who are we looking for?

  • An interest in sales, sales methodologies and sales processes
  • Excellent written communication skills in Dutch and English, including note-taking and concise (but friendly) business communications
  • A passion for well-organized and consistent data and record keeping
  • A genuine interest in learning about our customers and how we can serve them

Things that would make your application stand out

The following criteria are not required but could differentiate you from other candidates. Don't worry if you don't meet these, we're still happy to hear from you!

  • Previous employment as an executive or sales assistant, or with an enterprise software company
  • Applicable sales software experience and a desire to gain or achieve Hubspot certifications
  • Experience with lead creation through list creation, automation and funneling
  • Researching and delivering to-the-point results/reports gets you excited
  • Sales deck building

what’s in it for you?

Be yourself

At mintBlue we are committed to creating an inclusive environment and diverse team that feels that they are valued in the workplace. We want you to feel that you can be yourself, bring ideas to the table and make a real difference every single day.

If you’re looking at our page and you do not identify yourself in our team's current makeup, don't be discouraged to apply! We know that you can help make our company even better and strongly believe that diversity makes for more successful teams.

Top experts

You will work with a team of top experts that trust your abilities, and give you a high level of autonomy in your daily work, complimented by loads of opportunities to learn from the people around you!

We look for talent that does a thorough job, just like ourselves. To help us sift through the auto-applications, please mention ‘Pineapples’ to signal you’ve read the description entirely.

Remote setting

We work in a highly organised, internationally remote-but-hybrid setting, with offices in Amsterdam and Antwerp. While almost all day-to-day work is remote, we love seeing our team and organize routine office days.

Our mintBlue Biz HQ is in Spaces de Walvis, a beautiful part of Amsterdam with a view over the canals.

Our mintBlue Dev HQ is in The Beacon, in a central area of Antwerp overlooking the Schelde river.


It’s very important to us that our people feel like we have their back, in the same way that you have ours!

Our benefits package is young like our company, but we work hard to pay everyone what they are worth, and with the potential to grow. So expect appropriate pay and stock options for your level of experience and potential! 

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